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Nitu Bhabi's Haircut (Part 2)
Author: Ashok
Content: R
Location: Home
Category: Surprise
Type: True
Post date: Wednesday, May 25, 2011
Language: English
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All of you readers must have read Nitu Bhabi's Haircut. There i have mentioned how a Bihari homely lady became interested towards hair feshion. She cut her very long braid to 6 inches passing her shoulder. That you must understand that it is drastic. Now i am mentioning the part - 2 of the story.

Her hair was cut and we reached her home. She stood before her dressing table and styled herself. She was feeling herself light and comfortable. Her hands were missing her thick braid . But that was cut and was at my bike dikki. I was looking this silently and enjoying the scene from reflection of her mirror.

Bhavi: Ashok

I : Yes Bhabi

B: I was thinking since 3-4 years to fashion myself but had no dare.

I: Anyway you gathered courage and cut your mane. How are you feeling now?

B: Light, happy and okey. But i think what your brother will say after looking this?

I: Bhabi i have some work after all i have to through your hair away. I will come nextday afternoon. You will please say about bhaya's reaction.

B: Ok

I: Promise

B: Pakka Promise

I went to my work and came home late night. Took the plastic from dikki to my bedroom. I had dinner and masturbated holding the heavy lock of Bhabi's hair. Nextday afternoon when bhaya was not at home i went straight to bhabi's home.

I: Bhabi

B: Yes Ashok

I:Bhabi you remember your promise.

B: Yes

I: Than tell

B: After coming from office, he became angry looking my hair. But at night ........

I: What happened?

B: How to tell? 

I: Bhabi you promised

B: Ok. Than that is private thing how to tell you.

I: What Bhabi you hiding after promise


B: Your bhaya does most of the time but this time was special.

I: How Bhabi?

B: How to tell? But it is somehow special last night. He did everything like me a whore. Sorry sorry for language. 

I: Its okey bhabi. Enjoy all the best.

I went home. Days passed. We had good relationship and after haircut and change of fashion our relation is increased in this days of about 7 months. One day bhabi rang me and i went straight to her home.

B: Ashok is there any Unisex saloon.

I: That is not available in our city.

B: I was thinking to cut hair from a male.

I: Should i cut 

B: Which cut can you give

I: Bob or U

B: Make it Bob

I: Bhabi should we do it now?

B: Next morning.

I: Ok bhabi.

I left her home. Next morning about 8am my phone rang. I did not answer and straight reached her home. He well sampood her hair and was holding the phone in ear and waiting for my answer. She could not look me. I went and put my hand on her shoulder. Bhabi was surprised. In this 7 months her hairs have grown about 8 inches or more. Now steps were not visible. Bhabi have you arranged everything for your haircut.

B: Yes

I: sit here

B: I want to sit before mirror

I: it is a surprise for you

B: Ok

I sat on stool and she sat under ground. She was sitting in such a place that she can not see what is going at her back. I gathered her hairs. Combed well. I was feeling the erotic smell of clinic plus and hair smell as well. My cock was risen. But she was unable to see it. I come on combing in one hand and other hand used for masturbation. She could not know and i masturbated at her back. Than scissors did their work. Her hair was cut till her shoulder.

Next part continue.

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