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A Ladies Cut At Bretts Barbers
Author: Buzzcut Downunder
Content: R
Location: Barbershop
Category: NA
Type: Fiction
Post date: Friday, May 22, 2009
Language: English
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Haircut Stories From Downunder

Author: Buzzcut Downunder

Hi, I am Charlene a twenty four year old fairly good looking sophisticated woman with shoulder length dyed copper hair with blonde streaks through it. This is my story of my latest haircut from Rebecca at Bretts Barbershop.

It was about ten o'clock one Saturday morning and I was about four hours into my eight hour journey when I drove into Marysville. Time for a coffee and a leg stretch I thought as I pulled into a parking spot. I hopped out and locked the car door before starting up the street. It was a nice sunny day and it did not take me long to find a coffee shop with outside alfresco style tables and chairs. I got myself a coffee and settled myself at one of the outside tables before lighting a cigarette. There were not many people around as it was still quite early. I had been sitting there alone for about fifteen minutes and had finished my coffee and was about to stub out my ciggie when this gorgeous looking girl walked by and into the shop. She looked to be about five foot ten tall and had the most incredible haircut I had ever seen closely buzzed on the sides and the top a bit longer and sort of rounded over leaving a cool undercut sort of look. It looked as if it had just been cut. After about three or four minutes she emerged from the shop with a coffe and a plate with a couple of cakes. I watched her for a couple of minutes and was quite surprised when she reached into her bag and took out a packet of cigarettes. She took one from the packet and proceeded to light it expelling the smoke into the cool morning air.

Not wanting to be accused of staring and since I had finished my own ciggie I decided to walk slowly down the street glancing back every few minutes making sure she was still there. I had only passed half a dozen shops or so when I heard this sort of whistling noise as I passed a shop doorway. God thats a sound I have not heard for years I thought to myself. I looked at the outside of the shop and sure enough it was a barber shop and the sound was the noise of clippers similar to the ones the barber used on dad when I used to accompany him when he went for his regular haircuts. I looked and there was the name on the window Bretts Barbers. Then it dawned. I wonder if the blonde has just had her haircut in here I thought. I had a quick think to myself. I could do with a change I thought and I've never had my hair cut short with clippers before. I think todays the day.

I plucked up the courage and went inside through the swing doors to what was the cutting area of the shop. I was quite surprised to see a woman wearing a barbers jacket weilding the big noisy clipper buzzing the hair of the gentleman in her chair. Can I help you the woman asked. Do you do womans haircuts I asked I'm ready to go short. Sure the woman replied take a seat I've got one before you after I have finished this man. I settled into one of the waiting chairs and took time to take in the surroundings of the saloon. There were two barber stations both with big red leather barber chairs and both equipped with two sets of clippers and lots of other barber paraphernalia on the vanities including scissors razors and a lather machine. Each barber station had a nameplate attached to the mirror. The woman operating had Michelle and the other had Rebecca. Where was Brett's chair I wondered. Maybe the saloon job shared I thought to myself and because today is Saturday maybe only one barber is working.

Once I had taken in the surroundings I concentrated on watching Michelle doing her work. Michelle was imaculate. Just like the blonde woman with the high undercut I had seen at the coffee shop, she also had an undercut which looked like it had only just been done but it had not been cut so high up her neck. She methodically worked her way around the back and sides of the gentleman in her chair with the big whirring clipper buzzing him into the typical traditional short back and sides. She obviously did not have a close cutting blade on the machine as it was leaving the hair about half an inch long. She soon finished and turned the clipper off before placing it on the hook. She then took her large scissors from the vanity and scissoring over the comb proceeded to trim the hair above the area she had just clippered. Michelle was a real pro just like the barber I used to watch cutting dad's hair and the more I watched the more confidant I became in her ability to do the cut that I wanted. After finishing around the sides with the large scissors she swapped to a smaller scissor and moved to cut a small amount from the top of his hair using a combination of scissor over comb and hair between the fingers to about three finger lengths. She completed the top with the parting on the gentlemans left side and placed the smaller scissors on the vanity. She next took the other clipper off the hook and switched it on. This clipper was more of a buzz clipper than the one she was previously using which made a loud whirring noise. She started by running the clipper over the comb on the area she had previously scissored and while there was not much more hair being cut I could see that it was leaving a much smoother look to the sides and back. There was an audible change to the noise the clipper was making as Michelle made an adjustment using a lever on the side before she attacked the back of his neck driving the clipper up to the area she had just buzzed over the comb. She worked her way around both sides before turning the clipper inverted and shaving downwards obviously to remove all the fluffy hair you often see on men below their main hairline. She was soon finished and turned the clipper off.
She then took the neck brush and brushed the hair from around the mans neck before undoing the cape and removing the tissue. Next there was a whirring sound that I had not heard before and Michelle returned to behind the man in the chair with what was obviously shaving foam. She brushed some of the foam from her hand around the mans neck before taking a straight razor from the banch and after a couple of strops on what appeared to be a leather strap shaved the foam downwards removing the last of the stubble. She completed by wiping the remaining foam from the mans neck with a towel before giving him a dusting of talc using the neck brush and removing the cape. She lowered the chair and the man stepped out. She motioned for the next gentleman to take a seat while she went to the counter while the first man paid.

As she returned to the chair another gent walked in and took a seat beside me. Michelle meanwhile tissued and caped the second gent in readiness for his cut. This gent had what appeared to be a flat top that had got a little over grown. Michelle asked how he wanted the cut and he replied quite short on the sides like a number four at the top tapering down to nothing at the bottom and for the top to be a flattop.
Michelle took a cigarette from the packet on her work station and lit it before taking the big black clipper and turning it on. She inhaled deeply before pushing the clipper up the centre back of the mans neck. A large amount of hair fell to the floor with the first stroke. She made her way slowly around the right side of the chair buzzing up quite high stopping every few strokes for another drag. I was quite engrossed watching her as she worked when the swing door of the saloon opened and who should walk in. Yes it was the gorgeous blonde with the undercut hair that I had seen at the coffee shop. She walked into the office but soon emerged again having taken off her top jacket and replaced it with a barber jacket. She placed her ciggies and lighter on the vanity and went and stood behind the other chair. This must be Rebecca I thought to myself.


Whose next she asked as she picked up the cape from the back of the chair. Allright I wasn't going to have Michelle for a barber after all but I think Rebecca must be just as good after looking at Michelles cut. I got up and walked over to the chair. Hi take a seat my names Rebecca the barberette said. Hi I'm Charlene I replied as I settled myself in the chair. It was the first time I had been in a big barber chair and boy it was comfortable. And what am I doing for you today Charlene, Rebecca asked as she used her foot to pump the chair up to a working height for her. Well I must admit I saw you come out of the coffee shop a few minutes ago with the beautiful cut you have and I thought to myself I wouldn't mind something like that. It looked as if you had just had it cut today and as I walked down the street I found this shop. I heard the whistling of the clippers and thought I'll just pop in here and see if they do womens hair. I must admit I was quite surprised to see Michelle using those big clippers when I walked in.

You're right, that's Michelle my mum operating the other chair. Her and I got to the saloon early this morning so that we could give each other a haircut before we opened the shop at eight thirty. We both like our hair cut short on the sides and back. Something to do with the great sensation you get with the clippers running up your neck. So you want it cut quite short like mine. I'm sure I can do that for you. Would you like me to do most of it with the clippers or would you prefer scissors. I don't mind, your choice I said but as I haven't had a haircut with clippers before I think it would be nice to give them a try. Maybe not quite as short as yours perhaps like your mum Michelles.

Rebecca took a tissue and placed it round my neck followed by the Schwarzkopf cape which she fastened with the velcro strip. Do you mind if I smoke while I'm clipping your hair Rebecca asked as she started to brush my hair. No go ahead I replied I've been watching your mum and she looks rather sexy with a cigarette in one hand and the clippers in the other. Rebecca the barberette took a cigarette from her packet and lit up before taking the big black clipper off the hook and turning it on. I saw the words "OSTER 97" written on the front top of the clipper as it whirred into life. There was a change in the noise of the clipper as she changed the blade and then she turned the clipper inverted and holding it straight in front of and at the bottom of my right ear plunged the clipper through my hair into my neck. About four inches of hair fell down the front of the cape. Rebecca slowly worked her way around my head stopping every so often to inhale on her ciggie. I asked her how long she had been a barber and she replied that she only did it part time as she was normally a full time University student. She told me her mum had taught her to cut hair while she was still a schoolgirl and that her dad Brett normally worked this chair but he was away with his hunting mates so she had come home for the weekend to help her mum in the saloon. She finally finished buzzing level with and below my left ear and turned the clipper off and placed it back on the hook. She took a final drag on her cigarette before stubbing it out in the ashtray. Meanwhile Michelle had caped up her next client and was about to start buzzing him with her "OSTER".

Rebecca returned to the business of my hair and began combing it upwards and pinning it all round. She ended with a nice straight line level with the top of my ears all round. She once again took the big black clipper from its hook and started it up and changed the blade once more. This is the 000000 closest cutting blade you can get she said as she made the first buzz up the back of my neck to the line of clipped up hair. The feeling was sensational as she buzzed upwards pushing the clipper up my neck. Now I can see why men are so keen to visit the barberettes in barber shops. Rebecca slowly buzzed around to my right side doing two or three strokes in each place making sure she removed all traces of hair. She then completed around my left side befor turning the clipper inverted once more to shave downwards on my neck removing all the fuzz hair. Rebecca looked at me in the mirror as she retuned the clipper to its hook. Starting to look real good babe she said as she took what looked like foam of some sort from a dispenser on her vanity placing it in patches on my neck. It was quite warm as she spread it round with a shaving brush. Next she took a straight razor from the bench and started stroking it on what appeared to be a leather strap. This will get it nice and sharp so that I will not nick you she said. She began at the centre of my nape and stroked the razor down removing the foam and any stubble that had been left by the big clipper. She did this right around to the front of my ears on both sides before taking a towel and wiping away the residual shaving foam. She asked me if I wanted to feel how smooth it was. I felt goose bumps as I stroked my hand on the now smooth skin of my neck.

She now unpinned my hair and allowed it to drop before combing it for a couple of minutes making sure every hair was in its right place. She then took her other clipper from the hook and turned it on. This clipper had more of a buzz the the whirring sound that the motor of the "OSTER" made. Once again holding the clipper inverted Rebecca pushed the clipper into my hair at the bottom of my right ear. This clipper seemed to vibrate a lot more than the big noisy one and I must admit after a few strokes into my neck it was beginning to make me feel a little sexed up and I could feel a little wetness in my crotch area. However it was over all too soon as she finished and once again swapped to the big black tube like clipper. She turned it on and again there was a change of noise as she swapped the blades. I'm doing the final clip of your bob with the lacing blade Rebecca said. This works like thinning shears and only cuts a percentage of the hair so is ideal for allowing me to get a nice rounded finish like you see I've got on mum's. With the clipper inverted once more she started at the centre of my nape and buzzing downwards and in toward my neck at the same time made the perfect round finish. She did not go all the way round one side first as with her previous buzzrounds but this time worke her way evenly both ways at the same time so as to get a very symetrical finish. When she was finally happy with the result she turned the big "OSTER" off and returned it to the hook. She then took her finest toothed comb from the bench and combed the hair into place before taking the can of ultra hold spray and spraying it into place. She took the hand mirror and showed me the back and sides. The finish was immaculate and I felt like a new woman. It is a pity it was all over so quickly as I really enjoyed the feeling of the clippers on my neck.

Rebecca brushed the hair from my neck and removed the cape and tissue
before lowering the chair to allow me to step out That will be twenty dollars please said Rebecca. I took twenty dollars plus a tip from my wallet and handed it to Rebecca thanking her very much for the perfect haircut. I hope to see you again sometime she said as I walked out the door of the saloon to my car to continue the rest of my journey.


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