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Financial Desperation
Author: Jan
Content: R
Location: Salon
Category: Consensual
Type: Fiction
Post date: Friday, April 16, 2010
Language: English
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A translation from Jan’s Dutch story.  I have, as always, tried to stay as close to the authors content and style as possible.  Here it is, the rest is up to you, enjoy the story.  Theobald.

I was a third year student at the Hotel School in Maastricht in The Netherlands. As all students know the life as a student is expensive, especially if you do other things than just study. Maastricht is definitely a place for many fun experiences which I sought out wholeheartedly but it did my financial state no good at all. Meanwhile my rent was in arrears and my landlord threatened to evict me if I did not pay him. I would have to make some money as quick as possible. I went to several agencies but there was no one work, and for the following reasons, I had beautiful long dark hair of which I was very proud and usually wore it in a beautiful full pony tail. According to them I would never get a well paid job with my long hair and they advised me to say goodbye to my long pony tail and to go for a short fashionable style. I did not take their advice seriously and kept looking, and then good fortune smiled on me.

In the Saturday newspaper I saw an ad which said:- ‘Wanted by hairdresser, a model with long hair. Willing to pay up to 1,000 Euros.  Must be prepared to be photographed.  Phone 06-320……….’ I did not hesitate and rang the 06 number. I got through to a nice lady in her late twenties judging by her voice. After talking to her a while I asked her what the work entailed.  She said that they wanted to make a special film about a hairdressing salon and they required a model for it. When I said it that I was very proud of my long hair, she said that it did not matter because the hairdresser would determine what style would be the most suitable for me. If I was interested I should decide soon as there were a lot of people had applied for the job, and the filming was scheduled for next week. I said I would think about it and hung up.

Immediately the phone rang again. The landlord wanted to know where his money was. I told him I would get it this week and dialed the 06 number again. Could I come in tomorrow for an interview to see if I was a suitable candidate. She gave me the address and time.  Exactly on time I rang the doorbell. A beautiful young lady opened the door and shook my hand. She was slender and had white hair cut in a short bob with a beautifully shaved neck. She started the conversation and after some discussion she suddenly announced that it if I was interested I was just what they were looking for. I had to swallow hard but said that I was interested because I needed the money.

She said that it was ok and that we start shooting at this location tomorrow

I would have to sign a contact in advance, which she gave me and I read it quickly, the main points were:

 - The stylist determines the hair styles.

 - The fee is 1,000 Euro.

 - I can always pull out but would have to pay 1,000 Euros for expenses.

I thought about my financial position and signed it.  We shook hands and agreed on 19.00 tomorrow.  The next evening at seven I rang the bell again. The same girl opened the door. She looked very sexy. Very short skirt and a blouse that hid nothing at all. I followed her and we walked towards a space behind the office. This looked like a film studio and a hair salon. Very modern with lots of mirrors and a modern barber chair covered in red leather.  All eyes were fixed on it but it made no impression on me at that time. At that moment a second girl came into the studio, just as pretty as the first with exactly the same hair style but in flaming red. We were introduced and I asked which of them was the hairdresser.  I was told that it was neither.  We are only doing the preparation; the hairdresser will arrive a bit later. I suggested that we get started.

The first instruction really surprised me. I had to completely undress and put on a beautiful blue silk barber’s cape. I had to sit in the chair so that they could wash my long hair. She reclined the chair so that my head came to rest in the sink.  I heard the water flow but did nothing. Before I knew what was happening my hands were handcuffed and locked to the chair. I was shocked and asked why. The answer was simple. It was part of the script. Then they also tied my legs to the chair and there I was, completely at the mercy of the unknown stylist. My hair was washed thoroughly and then they raised the seat again. They both left the set and I was alone. After a few minutes they came back with the ‘real’ stylist as she said. She was also beautiful, fully dressed in a tight rubber suit and she had very short black hair. She walked up to me while the other two girls stood in the background. She said that it all revolved around me tonight. I asked her if she knew what she was going to do to me but immediately got the answer. You know determine that and you just need to keep your mouth shut. She looked at me carefully and started again. We first go shorter and but the color does not suits me at all.  I wanted to look in the mirror but the one in front of me had been removed.  I felt her begin to cut and saw the first locks of my hair fall in front of me. I was shocked because there was quite a lot falling.

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After a while she stopped cutting and with a brush my started painting stuff on my hair.  It was a blue substance. I was not at all happy about this but thought of the money. After a while my hair was washed and dried. I did not know what had happened, but was brought a mirror by one of the assistants. I was shocked. I had a short bob and my hair was pure white. It did not suit me at all and therefore asked that she stop before it was too late. The answer was brief but clear. Pay us 1000 Euros right now and we will let you go. I was shocked because I did not have any money, I told them so and agreed to stay.  The mirror was removed, I was told that I had agreed that the new style did not suite me. She started to smear some more stuff into my hair but again I could not see what it was. She let it set for a while and then I was at the sink again rinsing it out. After drying came the scissors again. I saw lots of hair falling and I saw that it was red, bright red.

They were finished soon and I got a chance to look again. I was shocked.  The sides were a couple of centimeters long and the top was at a maximum of ten. The color was really bright, bright red. The three looked at me to see if they agreed on my new looks, which they did. No man would go for a model looking like that, but the colors were beautiful but they wanted even more accents. I let it happen because at this stage there was no going back.  The mirror was taken away again and the hairdresser began to smear stuff on the sides of my head again. She said to leave it to soak in well, and then she started talking softly to her beautiful assistants, so softly that I could not make out what was being said. All I heard was the phrase ‘we must do that’. The barber cape was lifted over my face and I felt her messing around with pubic hair. I thought no, surely she is not going to mess around there. A clipper sprang to life and I felt all the hairs down there disappeared. They said that's a lot better now but just needs to be finished off. I felt them lather my pussy and then the scrape of a razor going down my body.  After a while they seemed pleased and said it was pretty and bare. Meanwhile they went back to rinsing and drying my hair again. The hairdresser got back into action again and began cutting casually around my head. After about twenty minutes she was done and they surveyed the results together. This is a whole lot better I heard someone say. They brought the mirror and I could see.  The sides were very short and black; the top was still red but was only about 5 centimeters long. The hairdresser looked at me and

removed the cape to be able to see all of me. She looked at my bare pubes and burst out that she knew what would make me totally beautiful.  Before I knew anything she grabbed the clippers set it going and I felt it go over my head It was such shock that I was unable to speak. After a few minutes she clicked them off and told the others to finish it.

They lathered my whole head and with a razor, they made me as bald as a billiard ball. I was able to see now because they had not removed the mirror this time. I was shocked.  Somehow the longer I looked the better it appeared, it was actually a beautiful sight that was before me.  In any case, better than all the other models.  The Three ladies were in full agreement with this look each gave me a long wet kiss on my bald head. The hairdresser even told me: Let your hair grow for about a year and then come back and we can have some more fun and games, and she walked away and left me with the two girls. They released me and paid me my money.

After a big kiss everyone I dressed and left. It took some getting used to my new image, but it was really nice, and finding a job now was a lot easier.

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