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The Submissive Weekend
Author: MrCleanShaved
Content: R
Location: Home
Category: NA
Type: Fiction
Post date: Thursday, August 19, 2010
Language: English
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      I was using the internet dating site that was used for people who had a hair fetish or people who liked short haired women and bald women. I met this young Asian lady named Anja, we talked for couple weeks and decided to see if we could have a week together to meet and have some great fun. Anja explained to me that she was 5’2 100 pounds with long black straight hair. She was looking for a man who she could be totally submissive to and to have her dreams fulfilled as well as full fill his dreams.

  Anja drove to my house from where she lived on east coast, and I live in south west. I had told Anja that I loved bald women, and that I have always wanted to shave a woman bald and sleep with her afterwards. Anja said that she has been looking for such a man. She wanted to be shaven smooth from head to toe and then get many tattoo’s all over her body, she has already many tattoo’s but wanted more. Anja said that she had several piercing and wanted some more as well. I told her I could help her out with the head shaving and piercing and knew of a couple people who were good at tattoo’s.

  We met at a public truck stop not far from where I lived, Anja followed me to my house. I showed her around and showed her where she could put her bags. Anja looked just as she described herself to me, her hair was almost to her butt and all one length. Anja said she could hardly wait to get started so we discussed what we were going to do when. The first thing we will do is get rid off all that hair and she smiled and said that has to be done first. Anja took all her cloths off and asked me where she needed to be at for me to shave her. I set up everything in my large bathroom. She sat in front of the vanity naked and looked at herself in the mirror, I brushed out her hair for the last time. Anja said you know if everything works out between us, that this is the only time you will brush my hair? I hadn’t thought that far out but realized that it was true. I reached for the clippers and asked how she wanted this done? Anja smiled and said just get rid of it as fast as you can. I flipped the clippers on and then placed them on her forehead. I hesitated a second and she took her hand and pushed my hand back and long black locks of hair slid onto her naked body. Anja smiled and I continued with pass after pass over her head till the hair was all removed down to a stubble. I took a towel and got it wet with hot water and placed it on her head. I then removed the towel and lathered her head, face and eyebrows. I slowly started to shave her head smooth, starting on the front top and worked my way around to the sides and then the back. I then shaved her eyebrows off smooth which were natural not shaped. Then shaved her smooth Asian skin on her face for good measure. I wiped her head and face clean. Then she spread her legs out for me and I shaved her pussy smooth for her as well. We went into the shower and I washed her silky body and then shaved her arm pits and her legs. Her whole body was now hairless and silky smooth. When we came out I got a few things out to pierce a few things for her. She had already one cartilage and two ear rings in each ear. I went ahead a gave her four more piercing in each ear. For a total of seven each ear. I then pierced both her eyebrows. I asked her to get dressed and we went to my friends tattoo parlor. Anja explained to him what she was wanting done. My friend said no problem. She asked for a head tattoo that would come down onto her forehead and down on her neck and onto her chest. And then wanted multiple more tattoos to fill in the open spots on both her arms. Anja hired him for the week for 8-10 hours each day to get all her tattoos. After we left the tattoo parlor we went and got something to eat and did attract some attention. Anja was wearing a mini skirt with a small tank top with thin straps. And heels. Her nails were done on both her hands and feet. After eating we went back to my place for a night of wild sex and pleasure. The next morning when we woke up she said you need to shave me again now and give me more piercing. I asked what she wanted pierced. She said a lot of things. I went ahead and gave her a second brow piercing each side and then pierced both of her nipples, belly button, and her tongue. And then we got dressed and we went to the tattoo parlor. She was tattooed for 12 hours today and then we went back to the house and had another wild great night. We woke up I shaved her smooth and applied lotion to her body, and then pierced her pussy in couple places, and followed the same routine that day and again on day four was the same when we woke up. I pierced her nose both sides and then pierced her lips twice one on each side of lower lip. By now I had given her about 20 piercing all over and her head tattoo was done and both her arms were now fully tattooed sleeves. The artist then started on her back and then gave her a couple on her feet. We did this for another 4 days. I ran out of places to pierce, I shaved her smooth daily head to toe and applied lotion to her silky Asian skin and fresh tattoos. By the end of the week she had received about 90 hours of tattoo’s in 10 days. Was pierced all over and was asking for more. We continued to date and then she moved in with me to be my submissive wife who was now 75% tattooed all over her body and had over 35 piercing on her body that I did 30 of them. Anja never did allow her hair to grow out any where on her body, She had her eyebrows tattooed on and had permanent makeup  done to her lips and eye liner. Anja enjoyed shaving my head daily as well as being shaven smooth by me daily. She turned out to be a great submissive wife. She worked to pay for her tattoos and did anything I wanted, and even allowed me to pick out her tattoos on her body. Its been a great couple years now. 


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