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Author: OC
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Post date: Tuesday, May 19, 2009
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Looking into the mirror as I shaved, I said to myself, today I have got get a haircut, I look like a bum, hair down to my collar, about 3” long, it had been about 3 months since my last haircut, yes a must do for today’s agenda.

Now I usually get a haircut every month, as my hair grows about 1” a month. When I do get it cut, I have it cut to a ¾” clipper cut all over, then blocked in the back. It has been some 30 years now that I have had this same style with an occasional slip up by the barber to a ½ or ¼ in crew cut. But it has been over 15 years since the last mishap leaving me looking like a new Army basic trainee fresh out of the barber’s chair.

I got done shaving, watered down the hair and combed it saying: “Yep, got to get it cut today, way too long for me.” I went out to the kitchen and started making breakfast before heading out shopping and running little errands for the day. When I brought the breakfast into the wife she said; “Are you going out today?” I replied; “ I had planned to get some items we needed, mail some letters and get a hair cut.” She said; “ Good, I was wondering, since you retired, you don’t get your haircut like you use to every month, I mean that hair is the longest I have ever seen it.” I stated; “Well don’t worry about that, the old me will be coming back after I go shopping.” She laughed and said; “Good I was getting worried about you, thought you might be trying to find High School again.” I looked at her smiled and said that was 43 years ago when the Beattles were around, plus I wore a Flat top back then playing Football and Soccer.

When we finished up our breakfast, I washed the dishes, then got ready to leave. She looked at me and said; “Make sure you get a haircut OK.” I laughed and said “No doubt about that.”

So I got into the car, drove off looking to get my haircut first, then get all the other items on my list. I drove by the barbershop and noticed the vehicle usually parked out front was not there. I turned into the parking lot and a sign on the door said; “Sick.” I said to myself; “Great, just what I needed.” So I continued on to do all the other little tasks I had written down. (When you get older, you have to write it down, or forget)

I had done the grocery shopping, mailed out the letters, now I had to find a place to get my haircut. I drove down the street, made a left hand turn, there it was, right in front of me, like out of nowhere, I had never see it there before, a barbershop. I drove by, looked at the shop, a barbers chair was in the front window and was vacant, there was a sign in the window that said; “OPEN”, so I parked the car and went inside. I looked around for somebody, there was a counter with a bell that said; “Ring for Service.” so I rang the bell at the desk, a female voice called out; “Have a seat, I will be with you in a moment.” I sat down, looked through the magazines on the table, then picked up a current Golfing Digest magazine, about that moment a voice said: “Sorry about the delay, I was just cleaning up a little.” I looked up and there stood this stunning woman, she was about 50 years old, with long red hair that fell to waist length, wearing loose fitted Jeans, a Yellow T-Shirt that was well endowed, with big bold Grey letters saying; “BARBERETTE”. She said “Hello, my name is Laura, have a seat and we will get you caped up.” I said “Ok.” I put the magazine back onto the table, walked from the chair then stepped into the barbers-chair and sat down. Laura said; “How did you find me.” I replied; “ I was shopping and turned the corner and saw the shop, I never knew you were here before.” Laura said; “Well, I just bought the store front last month and have been getting all my equipment inside for about the last week.” I asked: “Where were you located before.” Laura said; “I was in Florida, my husband and I ran a barbershop for about 30 years, he died in December of 06, so I came up here to be with my daughter and the grand children.” I said; “Well up here is a little different then Florida.” Laura replied; “Well, Florida is nice, but; I like it up here, especially with the grandkids.” I stated; “It must be nice too have them close to you, mine are spread all over, in 3 different states, all 17 of them, kind of wish we were closer.” Laura said “ Oh My God, did you say 17 grandkids?” I said “Yes, 17 in all, we use to travel to see one group at Christmas, the next group on the 4th of July and the last group during Thanksgiving time, but; we have not been in the last 4 years due to the wife’s poor health and unable to travel.” Laura asked; “Well your retired then, I mean, I guess, to be able to travel at 3 different times of the year?” I said “Yes I am, retired, matter of fact I retired in September of 2007 to take care of the wife, but; we use to travel before I did retire.” Laura said; “Sorry to hear that she is not doing well.” Then asked; “How do you usually have your hair cut?” I said; “I usually have it cut to ¾” clipper cut all over.” Laura looked at me almost in shock and said; “Really, I mean, that is rather short, I mean it is quite long right now?” I replied; “Well I have not been able to get a haircut for about 3 months, what with the wife, doctors appointments, Holidays and everything that just happens, you know, so it has been a while, really about January since I had it cut last.” Laura said; “Well I just thought since your hair is about 3” long now, that is a lot to cut off, but; if you have worn it that short before, I mean, kind of took me back, looking at how long it is now and then how short you are wanting to cut it, or normally wear it that short, I mean that is quite a change.” I said; “Not really, I have been wearing it that short for 30 some odd years now, what really feels strange Laura, is that it is this long you know.” Laura gave a little laugh that was kind of different and said; “Well lets get capped up and we can cut it down.”

I watched in the mirror as Laura pulled out a Black cape, shook it out like a sheet, then proceeded to put it around my neck, buttoned it up and tightened the cape to my neck, she then leaned over me, her long red hair fell forward across the cape, onto my lap, as she reached out then took my glasses off and placed them on the stand next to her. I said; “My what a beautiful head of hair you have Laura.” Laura blushed and said; “Why thank you.” I then asked; “How long did it take you to grow all that hair to it present length?” Laura said; “I grew it out to my ankles from 1977 to 1989, right after high school, when we were in Florida, kind of a special treat for the customers to see, as my husband would say; “You walk into a barbershop, then see this beautiful red head with ankle length hair, but; my hubby also loved it long, said I was the business drawing card, he was right, everyone who came in would ask; “Well Laura, when are you going to sit in the barbers chair and get a haircut for us all to watch?” I would jump into the chair, fluffingly throw my hair out, then watch as it would fall about me while I sat in the chair, then we would all laugh. I would say one day guys one day you get your wish. So when he died in December, I said I am going to give him this hair he loved, I am going to cut it off to a pixie cut, over the ears, short as could be, about an inch long all over, then put it into my husbands coffin, with him to have with him forever.” I said; “You cut your hair, from knee length, to a pixie cut?” Laura replied; “Oh yes, what a spectacle it was. I called the newspapers and told them I was going to be cutting all my long hair short. I invited all to come and watch. There was the newspaper, a local TV anchorwoman. Soon word spread like wild fire, the word was now out, Laura the long haired barberette, was going to cut her ankle length hair off. They wanted to do a photo shoot of it, print it for all to see, you know. It was in the paper, “LAURA, THE RAPUZEL BARBERETTE, WE HAVE ALL KNOWN FOR SO LONG, IS GOING TO BE GETTING A PIXIE HAIR CUT.”


Come watch her metamorphosis, going from knee length hair, to a short 1” pixie cut, in honor of her late husband.”

All our old customers came by, everyone who ever wanted to see me get it cut short over the years came, women who deplored my long hair came to make sure I was going to cut it for real, the curious, everyone who wanted to see a makeover was invited to come. So the day came, two day’s after my husbands death. We had to move the event to the local gym since more and more people wanted to see this event take place. An announcer welcomed everyone, then said; Well folks, the moment we have been waiting for has come, Laura the longhaired barbertte, is finally going to get that haircut we have all been waiting too see. I then walked out onto the stage, my hair flowing to my ankles, everyone was clapping and standing up as I came out and took a seat in the barbers chair. A good friend of ours came out and asked; “Is everyone ready for this sheering to take place?” The Gym went wild, people were stomping their feet, clapping and yelling; “Laura, Laura Laura, ”CUT IT OFF, CUT IT OFF, CUT IT OFF.” I was capped up and my old friend said to me; “Laura, are we ready?” I said “Lets do it, everyone is waiting, cannot back out now, plus I am going to be happy, to have it cut really short, after almost 30 years of nothing but all this long ankle length hair, what a change that will be huh?” The barber pulled my hair into a ponytail, banded it, then took out his scissors and raised them to the crowd’s roars, opened the scissors and started snipping away. With each crunching sound the crowd grew louder with their chants as I sat and listened to the scissors cutting off 30 years of growth and length. I was happy, but also was a little saddened. Eleven cuts finally making it’s way through all the hair, as the barber held the long severed spire high for all to see. He then handed it too me, I took the severed hair, held it up for all too see, as everyone cheered, I then put the hair in my lap.

The barber looked at me and said; “Shall we continue, or is that enough?” I replied; “They came to see a haircut, lets give them a haircut.” He reached to the table and picked up the clippers, put a 1” attachment on, he then flicked the switch bringing the clippers to life. The crowd had seen their fantasy cut, now for the finally, a clipper cut to a 1’ pixie. The barber brought the clippers to my forehead, paused for a moment to get the crowds attention, then right down the middle he went, hair was falling all over the stage. Three more passes, he then he went up the left side, then the right side, then up the back. I never knew a pair of clippers felt that way, I who had cut so many customers hair short, never until that moment, knew what a sensational feeling, a feeling every women should experience at least once in their life time was.

I gasped for air listening to her relate her haircut experience, then said; “It has grown very long in such a short time, plus it is very beautiful long luxuriant Red hair” Laura said; “Well it was an experience on should have, really all women should get to know what it feels like.” Laura then turned away, picked her clippers from the table, pulled the attachment off and clicked on the new attachment. I watched as she switched on the clippers, she then moved forward and approached my front, then brought the clippers to my forehead, no hesitation, she laughed and said; “Here we go, off with the old, in with the new.” Laura ran the clippers right down the middle, I watched as all that long hair was flying about me, landing on the cape, the floor where ever it would land, leaving a shorter style in its place with each passing. I felt better as each pass was completed. Laura smiled and said; “Wow that’s a lot of hair getting cut off shorter, I did not think it was all that long, I mean it was really long.” I looked at the mirror and could not see very well but; I knew it felt cooler and I was happy. I smiled and said; “Yeah think of how it would be if we were to cut your hair again Laura?’ Laura smiled and laughed then replied; “Don’t think that thought has not cross my mind since my hair cut, everytime I bring these babies to life, I think, what if? The I laugh and say been there done that, maybe one day later, I will do it again. Laura laughed and said; “Well, we are done, then reached down, picked up my glasses off the table, reached over me with her long hair reaching out begging to be touched, put on my glasses and wheeled me around to face the mirror and said; “Well, is that short enough?” I looked at my self in the mirror, was that me? Laura looked at me and said; “Is something wrong, I mean you said ¼’ inch all over did you not?” I smiled, looked at Laura and said, “No, I wanted it to ¾” not ¼ of an inch.” Laura looked at me and said ¾ of an inch, OH NOW THAT IS DIFFERENT, Oh my God, I am sorry, I thought you said ¼ of and inch, that’s why I said, that’s a lot to take off, Oh my God, I am sorry, really oh so sorry as she started to cry. I got out of the chair, looked at Laura and said; “Don’t worry about it, it is only hair, as usual it will grow back to ¾ of an inch in about 2 weeks, just like your beautiful hair has grown back, so don’t worry, I will be back to see you, most definitely I will be back, I love that long hair you have, your right it is an attraction, I know that you are going to be my Barberette.

Laura said; “You are not mad.” I said “No, how can one be mad at you, I had a haircut of my life time, a story from a Barberette about a really long haired cut to a pixie cut, a story of a life time, all in the same day, plus it has been about 15 years since I have had it this short anyways.” Laura reached up gave me a big hug and said; “Well I enjoyed cutting it, really, I have not done a cut like that in about 5 years, kind of a thrill you know, all that hair falling all about, something sort of well really different.” I said; “Well, it is shorter then I expected, but; I can live with it, so we see you in about a month for a ¾ inch cut?” I paid Laura and she said “No, that cuts free, I screwed up, but I really did enjoyed cutting it, I really liked cutting it that short, really on me, my pleasure.” I said; “Nope, Laura you have got to make a living, plus your haircut story as so exciting, take the ten dollars, worth it just for the story you told me.” Laura looked at me and said; “OK, if you insist.” I walked out to the car, got in, looked in the mirror and said; “Damned if the wife is not going to say, who scalped you.

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