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My Honeymoon Head Shave
Author: Sham It
Content: R
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Category: Surprise
Type: True
Post date: Sunday, June 24, 2012
Language: English
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I and Sonia are dating each other since 10 years...we finally got married in last month & we went for our honeymoon to Kerala which is in the southern part of India... Kerala is known for its nature beauty & beautiful seashores....we had our stay in a hotel which was sea facing....we daily went  there & day I was wanting to have a naturally in was removing my clothes & getting into my mini boxers suddenly Sonia {who is a hairstylist} surprised me by saying some thing.....she asked me to get myself into an underwear as she wanted to get over her hair fetish by cutting my hair....I was stunned....I mean we were on our honeymoon & she could have cut my hair any time once we return our hometown...but she was very persistent.....& to my misfortune I couldn't resist her at a point...she came close to me we kissed each other & she undressed the rest of I was in my underwear ready for my haircut in my honeymoon.... 


She went to get the hair cutting material....she returned with a mug of water & a straight razor....I was again surprised...I asked her were the scissors were but she didn't reply....I was just confused as to what was actually going to happen to my no time I started getting a nice massage....she started pouring water simultaneously...water started rolling from my head to the rest of my body....I almost got wet....but I was still not getting the reason as to why so much of water pouring & massage as before this when she used cut my hair this was not the process...she then revealed to me that in no time I was going to be A BALD PERSON..."a bald person!!!!!!!!!What the f***!!!!!!I said…. “but why now" I asked???She said it’s her wish to shave me bald & that I couldn't even stop her as she had already started shaving when she revealed it to me....


I could here the currr currr low noise when the razor was being made move on my head....I could feel the cold breeze & I started recollecting the time when I got my first head shave....I had got it before 3 years.....I started getting the relief as hair separated from the head....small bunches of started falling on my lap, some stuck to the wet underwear while some stuck on my wet face....Sonia was gently moving the razor...she was simply enjoying it....I could see the joy on her face while I was getting my head no time the back part of my head was completely shaved...she started with the side head shaving....Ah!!!!!!!!Sonia was looking dam hot was she was in a bikini top & a g-sting....I was really lucky to have this head shave in my honeymoon....she kissed me each time when the sides were shaved & then came the main part of head shaving....the front...she gently moved the razor & after two minutes I was full bald...she then made a soap lather.... applied it on my head & moved the razor 3-4 times to make the head look shiny....she then kissed my bald head many times...then she made me stand in front of the mirror & went behind me & removed her g-sting & bikini top....she threw it on the bed & slowly removed the wet underwear of mine...both of us naked got into the most sensuous sex of our life & lost our virginity due a wish of head shaving & my wife's prolonged hair fetish.........LUCKY ME !!!!!!! DON'T U ALL THINK!!!!! 


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